Blanka (ブランカ Buranka?) is a video game character in the Street Fighter fighting game series who is depicted as a feral savage, with green skin and long orange hair, resembling a monster more than a human. He is one of the original eight characters featured in the first version of the Street Fighter II games.

Blanka Embroidered Clothing description:

Blanka T SHIRT available in P1 Vibrant Green & P2 Heather Electric Blue.

Blanka t shirt colour representing the main colour Theme he wore from the original Street Fighter 2 series.

T shirts have the signature ELECTRIC SHOCK move drawing Embroidered to the left chest slightly higher than normal, giving the garment better stance!

Back of t shirts has Blanka standing as he would after a fight. Once again brand new artwork designed & produced by Echo3.

This embroidered t shirt really looks electrifyingly good. Sharp artwork alongside sharp embroidery; truly proud moment for Echo 3 embroidery company. No Badge no fuss just clear concise professional embroidery.

Blanka HOOD Sweatshirt available in P1 Green.

Blanka hooded sweatshirts representing the main colour theme he wore from the original Street Fighter 2 series.

Sweatshirt has the signature Electric Shock move, much larger justified to the Left chest. Back of sweatshirts has the classic Blanka stance.

We love this sweatshirt and its becoming a all time favorite amongst crowds. Hood sweatshirt alongside the embroidery truly look unbelievably desirable. Lookers just cant believe the look of the embroidery it really is remarkable and a must have to your garment collection! Even if you don’t like street fighter you will love this embroidered hooded sweatshirt

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