Screen Printing

There are various methods or techniques available for printing shirts but the process is reliant on application. In short, clients who are looking to place large orders for multiple printed garments, screen printing offers a cost effective solution combined with longevity of product.

Silkscreen garment printing can also offer relatively high detailed imaging that embroidery techniques may not be able to reach simply due to the size of threads being used. All garments designs, whether they are for embroidery or silkscreen projects, are saved to our in-house servers and can be used at any time for re-orders or adapted should a client’s corporate theme be changed.

Depending on your requirements we can utilise both embroidery and silkscreen techniques on a single printed garment in order to maximise effect!

We would welcome a call from you in order to discuss the best solution for your garment designs embroidery work.

If you have any questions about our embroidery or printing services, don't hesitate to contact Echo3 - Embroidery London
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